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West Ham vs. Chelsea: Second half thread

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Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Chelsea haven't been too bad at Upton Park, but thanks to a horribly botched corner from noted not-defender Diego Costa, they're going into halftime down 1-0. West Ham have played pretty well, but on the whole Chelsea have matched them, and could have been on the scoresheet if not for some rather sad execution in the final third plus some poor luck -- a fine Adrian save kept a Willian free kick before Kurt Zouma had a smart header scrambled off the line* and Cesc Fabregas had a goal disallowed for offside. Nonetheless, the hosts lead on Mauro Zarate's smartly-taken half-volley, and the Blues have some work to do.

*Thanks, goal-line technology!

I imagine that we'd all rather they'd have played a little worse but scored a little more. Let's see what they can conjure up in the second half -- in particular I'd be looking at Eden Hazard to try to force the issue a little more rather than letting himself take the easy option.