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Chelsea FC issue statement regarding incidents with teenagers filming Mourinho on their mobile phones

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Controversy is never too far from Chelsea Football Club or Jose Mourinho himself, whether justified thanks to our own bad decisions, manufactured to sell clicks and copies, or, simply, nonsensically conjured up out of thin air.  These cell phone video incidents fall under the latter kind.

You probably have seen them; the 14-year-olds with the cellphones stalking Mourinho as the manager's talking on his phone.  In one, Mourinho "appears to" shove the kid, though the video itself doesn't actually show anything other than some camera shake.  In the other, Mourinho "confronts" the kid, though as one tweet put it so well, maybe they should just leave the man on the phone alone.  It's what one would expect as normal behaviour in civilized society, no?

The Internet being what it is has ensured that these two videos, appearing in quick succession, will not be quickly forgotten and thus have forced Chelsea and Mourinho's representatives to issue a statement as read out by the Chelsea press officer in today's pre-match press conference.

"Chelsea Football Club notes two recent stories concerning Jose Mourinho being filmed on mobile phones.

While Jose understands the laws pertaining to filming in public places, the two teenagers in question followed him from his home for well over 20 minutes and constantly interrupted a private telephone call which he and the Club believes goes beyond the bounds of reasonable behaviour.

Jose has always spoken warmly, as you point out, of the public reception he receives in London but considers these last two instances as overly intrusive.

We also note the allegation of intimidation, which Jose strongly refutes and which his legal representatives will continue to monitor closely."

-source: Chelsea FC

Public figure or not, how is it ever appropriate to stalk someone for 20 minutes as they leave their home, film them constantly, and interrupt their private business?  Bratty, entitled teenagers, enabled by their parents, are suddenly front-page news?!  What is this world coming to?!