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Mourinho: Improved individual and team performances

Chelsea have now gone two matches unbeaten in a row, which usually would pass without much mention, but in this odd season, it's something to be happy about.  Especially since the underlying processes have improved as well, in both the individual and team performance aspects.

"We could immediately feel some individual performances from the last two results and performances. To give you one example, Matic went from being on the bench against Aston Villa, to playing the second half against Aston Villa positively, to being the man of the match three days later. Other players also improved their performances, so [it has been] a bit better."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

"The performance [against Dynamo Kiev] showed good personality, good team organisation, good team spirit, some very good individual performances and not one bad individual performance. In the end there was a little bit of frustration not to win but the good feeling that there was an improvement."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

In addition to the obviously improving performance levels, Mourinho also reiterated his belief that the sense of unity and belief around the squad never really flagged.  Those sentiments have been echoed repeatedly by most players as well.

"The team and players have always been together. The players have been man enough to assume responsibilities and even publically say that. Statistics are very clear for us. As an example we have conceded six goals as a consequence of isolated individual mistakes, but the team were always together."

"We have got two important results, three points in the Premier League after two matches without a victory, and against a direct rival in the Champions League we got a point away. The group was always solid and compact and together but obviously the mood improves with results and people are happy."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

Of course, as always, talk is good, but cheap.  On Saturday, points won is the thing that will matter first and foremost.  I'll take three, please.

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