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What if Diego Costa starred in an Assassin's Creed video game?

This is awesome!

Sometimes footballers promote things. That's just a fact of the sporting world. Who knows why they promote the things they do. Most likely money. These products can range from the really bizarre to the really cool. In my personal opinion, this one leans very much towards the latter.

Diego Costa has teamed up with Ubisoft and their Assassin's Creed video game franchise to help promote their upcoming title called: "Assassin's Creed: Syndicate" -- The time frame in which this game supposedly takes place in is the middle of the 19th Century in London.

So, what better way to promote it than asking one of the most fearsome footballers on the planet in and dressing him up in clothing from that time period? The results are pretty fantastic. Check out this video of Costa going back in time to 1868 London:

Take my money, Ubisoft. Get Costa in the game slaying defenders and I'll buy it twice.

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