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Diego Costa talks about respecting referees, opponents, and getting back in prime shape

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Clive Rose/Getty Images

Diego Costa is supposedly promoting a new Assassin's Creed game, due out today (Friday) by dressing in 19th century football clothing.  While that sounds amazing, none of the three of the Mirror's stories that carry this promotion actually include this picture.  The link they provide for a behind the scenes video of the photoshoot doesn't work as advertised either.  This is all very disappointing.  Maybe it'll get fixed in due course.


Until then, we have to make do with Costa's interview itself, which starts on familial and covers mostly familiar ground.

"[I fear] just God."

"I think If you fear someone, another person it is not a good thing. I respect. I have respect for my parents, my wife, my daughter and God."

"But respect, not fear.  I don't have fear. I have respect. For example, if there is a massive guy and he comes over and we are going to have a problem, I don't get involved with him. I don't fear him but I respect him."

-Diego Costa; source: Mirror

Nobody ever accused Diego of lacking street smarts.  He picks his battles wisely, most of the time, and gets away with provocations, most of the time.  He's trying to change his image, but not his ways.  I'm not sure the former's going all that well, and nobody at Chelsea is too bothered by the latter.

"I have 100 per cent support from my manager, from the club and from the Chelsea fans. So other people, other opinions, I don't care, I'm not really bothered. I will not change unless my manager or the people from my club or my supporters tell me so."

"No, I don't need to change. Because I have done nothing wrong. During my football career, many, many times other players have done stuff to me, like kick me but I am not a cry baby. So I think the supporters saw that was unfair and so the supporters, the manager and the club have given me a lot of support."

-Diego Costa; source: Mirror

And then, playing the long game for a minute, Diego butters up the referees.  He's got years and years of reputation to erase, starting well before he arrived in the Premier League, unfortunately.

"I had never had any problems with officials. None of the bans that I have had, have been down to problems with officials. Sometimes I get booked. But that is part of the game it is just normal. I am just hoping that they see me differently now."

"But I think they are very professional and they will keep going the same way."

-Diego Costa; source: Mirror

On a lighter note, Costa confirms that he is indeed the biggest joker and prankster in the dressing room, despite the language barrier.  And that he's just about everyone's best friend.  Just further confirmation that he's truly a great teammate to have.

"Am I as tough off the pitch as I am on it? Not really no. I am completely different off the pitch."

"The best way to get to know someone is to look back and at every single club where I have been before I have had an excellent relationship with my team-mates, the managers, the supporters. And not only with them but with everyone in the club. I don't care if it is the cleaner of the chairman or the kit man. I treat everyone the same way, I am a friendly guy."

"I always try to joke around with everyone, but it's not just me. Sometimes my teammates don't get it because I only speak Portuguese and Spanish. But, the way I see it, you always have to bring happiness into work. It doesn't matter how tough the situation is, you have to bring something good from your house to your place of work."

-Diego Costa; source: Mirror

Make no mistake, it's been a tough situation at Chelsea so far this season.  Costa has been one of the more outspoken players about taking personal responsibility for our early season troubles, and like many others, he's doubled down on his efforts to get back into top form, top shape, top motivation, top confidence.

"I am not going to name names but we all know we all need to get better."

"Since the very beginning of the season I have been working aside, doing double sessions and all that extra work because of the injuries I had and I was not 100 per cent. I needed to work in the gym and become stronger. I think that now I am where I need to be and physically ready to do my game."

-Diego Costa; source: Mirror

Lost a bit in the malaise has been Costa's — knock on wood — rather stellar injury record so far.  Which is good.  We've got lots of battles ahead of us and we'll need him now more than ever to lead us into them.

"It has been very difficult, yes, but this is not normal with the squad we have got. But we know we can turn this around because it is the beginning of the season."

"And we also know that we are the only ones who can turn this around. I don't really know what happens here (in England) but it looks like we are alone on this because Chelsea, it's a club that the supporters give 100 per cent support, but outsiders don't like Chelsea. All of the other players, I think, already know this. I am just getting to know this, this season."

-Diego Costa; source: Mirror

Welcome to Chelsea, Diego.  This is how we roll.  It's good to have you.