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Back to the Future Day: Ten predictions for Chelsea in 30 years

Unless you're living in a pop culture black hole, you will have known that yesterday was "Back to the Future Day", i.e. the day to which Marty McFly travelled in the movie Back to the Future Part II. Yes, that's pretty silly, but sometimes silly is good. And while not everything predicted in the movie actually came true (hoverboards and time machines, being two of the more obvious examples), we do have at least one pair of self-lacing sneakers.

In the movie, Marty and Doc Brown travel 30 years into the future to try to save someone from something. Of course something else goes wrong and the antagonist ends up traveling back in time instead and to change history. We all know about making history here at Chelsea Football Club of course, not to mention being the bad guys. Go on, Biff Tannen!

To celebrate this pop culture event, our friends over at Chelsea Fans Channel produced the above video for Back to the Future Day. I particularly enjoyed prediction #7, about chasing the Mutu money. Sadly, there's no word on Mourinho's legacy, though a prediction either way on that topic could be bold indeed.

What are your best predictions for the next 30 years? Abramovich family still in charge? Mourinho statue unveiled? Still waiting for an academy player to come through? Football played with three goals? Still no video replay technology?

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