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West Ham United vs. Chelsea: You choose the squad

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Clive Rose/Getty Images

Chelsea appear to finally have things going in the right direction, following an absolutely terrible start to the season. Jose Mourinho's side returned from the international break looking more mediocre than dire for the first time in quite a while, and on Tuesday, his Blues actually bordered on quite good, despite the scoreless draw.

On Saturday, Chelsea will have the chance to give us both a good performance and a result, as they stay in London to take on West Ham United. The Hammers have started the season very well, and currently sit fourth, six points ahead of the Blues.

Jose Mourinho will be without both Thibaut Courtois and Branislav Ivanovic on Saturday, though the rest of the squad is healthy and ready to go. As always, we'd like to know who you'd choose to start on Saturday, as well as who you'd have available on the bench. Please fill out the attached form with your selections, and keep up on the results here.