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FA moving some England games out of Wembley, hoping to facilitate groundshare between Chelsea and Spurs

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Tom Shaw/Getty Images

Martin Glenn's singular purpose in life nowadays seems to be get Chelsea and Spurs to agree to a groundshare at Wembley for the one (2017-18) or two seasons (2018-19) that would need to occur while both clubs are rebuilding their respective home grounds.  I'm sure he actually has other responsibilities as well, considering he's the CEO of the FA, such as playing golf, or thinking of new ways to troll Jose Mourinho, or playing some more golf, or whatever it is that CEOs of football associations do, but the only time I seem to hear or see his name is when the stadium issue comes up.

"Building in London is a nightmare and they both have ambitious plans - the question is what they do in the interim. Both would prefer sole status somewhere but it's difficult. We are looking at whether we could get a ground share but there's still work that needs to be done."

"There are other obligations at Wembley with other sporting events, so there is some work to say is it theoretically possible but we are here to try to be as helpful as we can."

-Martin Glenn; source: talkSport

One the ways they're trying to be helpful is moving "some" of the England national team matches out of the stadium.  While that sounds great, I'm not sure how much impact that has considering that, by definition, England only play when neither Spurs nor Chelsea play.  Or am I thinking about this too obviously?  Sure, the pitch would get a short reprieve, but as far as the actual schedule congestion goes, it's not exactly the golden ticket.

"The England brand is more than London. We've effectively refinanced the stadium which gives us a lot more financial stability, so from next year we will be holding some England games out of Wembley and that is as good a guarantee as you are going to get."

"Our aspiration is before the Euros and Roy [Hodgson, the England manager] would love to do it because it would get a real buzz behind the country and behind the team."

-Martin Glenn; source: Sky

Wait, there's an England "brand"?  That sounds almost as silly as the England band.  Dut-dut dut-doo-dut-dut-dut dut-dut-doo-doo-dee...

Meanwhile, Spurs are apparently considering slumming it at West Ham's soon-to-be vacated Upton Park as an emergency fallback option.  Maybe they should just share with Woolwich Arsenal instead.  Works for the Milanese.