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Like clockwork: Eden Hazard to leave Chelsea for Real Madrid rumors pop up once again

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Tick-tock, the ice on my watch slap me 'cross the face around Hazard-o'-clock.

Easy kill, for sure.  What you say?

This particular choo-choo train operates on a very regular schedule.  Even L'Equipe are changing tact slightly to match the prevailing narrative from day 1.  After campaigning for several seasons for PSG to sign Hazard from Chelsea, they now want Real Madrid to sign Hazard from Chelsea, thinking that will mean that Cristiano Ronaldo will go to PSG.

In this crazy world of ours, that's not out of the realm of possibilities of course.  Add in Hazard liking a photo of himself on Instagram that had some caption about Real Madrid's interest, plus the supposed "feud" between Hazard and Mourinho and he's good as gone, right?  Feel free to stop me at any time when this starts sounding all too familiar.

I did get a laugh out of the following though.

A lack of ambition?  Should've stuck to the Instagram like evidence instead.

Hazard, who apparently decided to come to Chelsea after a personal meeting with none other than Roman Abramovich and who has developed a fruitful relationship with Jose Mourinho and who signed a brand new 5.5-year contract 8 months ago to reaffirm his spot at the top of the Chelsea wage charts is good as gone this summer.  Again.  Like last summer and the summer before.  Thanks for the memories, Eden.