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Mourinho: We are recovering the qualities needed to be flying again

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Clive Rose/Getty Images

While it was once again Mourinho's post-match comments about the referee that grabbed all the headlines — thanks, I guess? — the Chelsea manager also provided a measured and sensible assessment of where the team is at despite failing to win for the fourth time in the last five matches.

"The performance was solid, and that only happens when the team is okay. We had control of the game for 70, 75 minutes, We had control, initiative, chances, we had the post, we had the penalty, we had everything but we didn't score."

"Dynamo had a strong performance, especially defensively. In the last 15 mins they felt a goal was possible, so then it was quite difficult mentally because we knew we wanted to win but we didn't want to lose. The game in the second half is a little bit of a trap."

"The result in the end is acceptable, in spite of us having more chances and a clear penalty once more."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

Fortunately we avoided the trap that we created for ourselves by failing to make our early chances count.  Twice we hit woodwork, which we can chalk up to luck, but two other clear cut chances went begging as well.  Mourinho's frustration was probably matched by all Chelsea fans when Hazard hit Rybalka when left wide open at the top of the box, while Matic, from a very similar position, if not better, failed to even hit the net.

But, at least we created the clear-cut chances, which certainly hasn't happened with much regularity so far this season.  Also not happening too often: clean sheets; but now we've kept a clean sheet for 180 consecutive minutes.  Perhaps not coincidentally, we've now "lost" the possession battle in two straight matches as well, the only two matches in which we've not bested our opponents in that metric this season.

'‘We are much more solid. Two matches, two clean sheets, no problems defensively. The team was solid and compact, the midfield was really strong. We showed tactical effort and tactical discipline."

"We are recovering these qualities that are very important when you are not flying, you are not scoring goals and playing with that confidence and flair. These two solid performances are good for us."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

So now we make this a true turning point, and build on it for the weekend and a trip across town to West Ham.  Make it so.