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Mourinho takes a page from Arsene Wenger's book, following Champions League draw

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho tends to complain about referees following matches which Chelsea lose. He also tends to complain about them following wins, and 0-0 draws. It's unsurprising, then, that the Blues' manager wasn't happy about the decision to ignore a pair of obvious fouls committed on Cesc Fabregas inside the Dynamo Kiev penalty box on Tuesday:

'The referee was weak and naive. I could not understand what the referee does, and the result is 0-0 and such a penalty is not given, I think it’s a crucial moment in the game.'

Mourinho is certainly correct that the call should have been made, but I found it especially amusing that he chose to steal Arsene's Wenger's wording following his latest fine from the FA. For those who don't recall, Wenger referred to Mike Dean as 'weak and naive' following Arsenal's loss at Stamford Bridge.

Fortunately, the FA won't be able to activate the manager's stadium ban for comments made after a UEFA match, but I'm sure they're not particularly amused at the moment.

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