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Chelsea, Juventus agree Cuadrado fee – report

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Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

A few weeks after initial reports started filtering out of Italy that Chelsea and Juventus have begun negotiations over a permanent transfer deal for Juan Cuadrado, here come the first reports that a fee has been agreed.

Juventus have agreed a deal with Chelsea to bring Colombian winger Juan Cuadrado to the club on a permanent deal.

The former Fiorentina man joined on an initial season-long loan deal towards the end of the transfer window for a fee of €1.5 million and is on the verge of making that move permanent.

Juve and Chelsea have settled on a €22m transfer fee and it is believed that the deal will be made official when the transfer window reopens once again in January.

-source: Gazzetta dello Sport

Some are calling this a cut-rate fee, but the €22m isn't too different than what rumors had attached to Cuadrado all along.  In fact, it sounds like we settled somewhere in the middle between Juve's opening offer of €20m and our asking price of €25m.  Combine that with the €1.5m loan fee, and while certainly not making a profit on the 27-year-old, at least we're not losing all of our initial, misguided €30m investment.

Obviously, these are just rumors for now, but this deal makes sense for everyone involved.  So let's get it signed, sealed, and delivered.  It's been real, Johnny Squared.