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Mourinho berates media for making up stupid Yarmolenko, Falcao rumors

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Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Here's Jose Mourinho pouring cold water on the Yarmolenko and Falcao rumors.  And not just any ol' cold water.  Oh no.  Ice cold water.

"When people start some rumours they have to think a little bit before the rumour."

"Why? When Chelsea has Pedro, Hazard, Willian, Kenedy, Traore and Juan Cuadrado, Victor Moses."

"We cannot make a collection of wingers. When people want to make rumours they have to find players in positions where we don't have so many."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Star

Now, in fairness, Cuadrado and Moses don't really count.  Plus, the Pedro rumors started when we had even more wingers, and that certainly didn't stop those stories from coming true in the end.  But Mourinho's reasoning is exactly the reasoning we used to doubt the veracity of the Yarmolenko rumors, so bonus points for us.

In addition to calling this rumor (and, by extension, the Konoplyanka one) nonsense, Mourinho also claimed that the only purpose of his visit to Kiev to watch Ukraine play Spain in Euro 2016 qualifying was to keep tabs on his own players.  Which also makes sense.  He did not however explain why he chose to cosplay Emperor Palpatine while attending the match, though with the new Star Wars episode 7 trailer dropping today, maybe he was just getting into the spirit of things.

What he did also address were the stories about Falcao quitting Chelsea in favor of Barcelona in January, pouring the remainder of his ice cold water on those rumors.

"I speak with him every day, it's quite strange the media knows something I or my club don't know."

"He has to give us more than Diego Costa. We normally play with one striker and I always go for the performance level. It's a direct competition - the best one plays. It can be tough."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Goal

Falcao being a bit crap at this whole football thing nowadays probably isn't making things any easier for the striker.  Though with Costa bound to get either suspended again, or have a recurrence of those troublesome hamstring injuries, Falcao may yet see some match action in the future.