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Chelsea pick up two new injuries, leave four at home ahead of Dynamo Kiev clash

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Julian Finney/Getty Images

Unlike for Chelsea's trip to Porto on the previous matchday, when the trio of Oscar, Remy, and Falcao were just simply left at home, it would appear that all the players who did not travel to Ukraine have some sort of minor or major injuries.

We had already known that Thibaut Courtois and Branislav Ivanovic would miss the match against Dynamo Kiev, the former recuperating from a knee surgery, the latter rehabbing a hamstring injury, but the two new names added to the injury list are a surprise, considering that they both played on Saturday.  Loic Remy was a time-wasting substitute in added-on time while Pedro started and played most of the match before making way for Eden Hazard.

Hopefully it's neither injury will linger too long.  Matches are coming thick and fast, and ideally we'll have a full squad with which to tackle them.