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Mourinho reflects on top Champions League moments, assesses Chelsea's chances this season

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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has managed four different clubs in the UEFA Champions League, not a feat many other managers can put on their resumé. He's won the competition with FC Porto and Inter Milan, and if he's able to pull it off with the Blues he'd become the first ever to win it with three clubs.

A manager with such a storied career thus far is always able to look back and remember the fond moments. His first Champions League triumph with FC Porto really put Jose on the map as far as the world football stage is concerned. When asked to share his thoughts on that achievement, he simply proclaimed it perfect.

"It was perfect. Monaco started better than us, but after ten, 12 minutes we were completely in control. It was a fantastic moment for us. It was a pity that they couldn't keep us, because if that team had stayed together, I don't know what we could have done. After that victory I left, Deco left, [Paulo] Ferreira, [Ricardo] Carvalho, [Nuno] Valente and Costinha left - everyone left and the team disappeared, but the history doesn't disappear."

-Jose Mourinho; Source:

Unfortunately, after he joined Chelsea he was unable to get it done in his first spell at the club. His next managerial venture brought him to Italy where he turned Inter Milan into a defensive juggernaut. His side blanked Bayern Munich, 2-0, in the 2009-10 Final to capture the boss' second European Cup. Jose says that team played the game of their lives in that particular Final.

"Against Bayern, it was the game of their lives for many of my players. It was the last chance for [Javier] Zanetti, [Marco] Materazzi, [Iván] Córdoba, [Cristian] Chivu and Maicon to do it. And we played that game with that mentality. We were not playing with XI, we were playing with thousands and thousands and thousands because Inter had waited a long time for that. We were very confident and it was a perfect way for me to leave such a club. A club I love so much."

The lure of the Galacticos brought Jose to Real Madrid for his next managing gig. There he won three trophies, but was unable to add a third Champions League honor.

He returned to Chelsea in 2013 and is now attempting to lead the club to their second European Cup. If he's successful he'll break the record and cement himself among the greatest managers ever. When asked to assess his side's chances this campaign, he seemed rather optimistic.

"I have a very good group, the relationships are very good. I think always that we have to go step by step, and the group phase is the first step. You have to finish in the top two and progress. When you get to the knockout stage, the unpredictability of every detail becomes fundamental. Only one can win, only two can reach the final. But that is the reality because this competition is the biggest competition in the world of football."

However, Jose is not focused on breaking the record. He's simply focused on winning another Champions League trophy and to get one for Chelsea.

"That's not the objective - the objective is to win a third one, it's not to have a record. If somebody does it before me, or if somebody wins it with four or five clubs, I don't care about that. I just want to win it with the club where I am."