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Koke's agent addresses constant Chelsea, Barcelona rumors

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Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Spanish midfielder Jorge Resurreccion Merodio, better known by his nickname Koke, is one of the hottest young talents in world football.  And while he's been with Atlético Madrid since age 8, most expect him to become the latest big money move away from Los Colchoneros, following in the footsteps of huge international stars like Torres, Falcao, Aguero, Costa, Arda, etc.

Whether realistically or not, Chelsea have been among the names most commonly linked with the 23-year-old in recent times.  There were even reports of a €65m bid from the Blues (meeting, if not exceeding the buyout clause) over the summer, with Koke apparently rejecting the opportunity to move.  But Silly Season cares not about such things, and thus Koke's agent was moved once again to reiterate the player's desires.

"Today, he only thinks about Atletico. His stance today is to stay at Atletico Madrid, the deal with the club is extraordinary. We have no reason to think otherwise.  The buzz has always been there. We're talking about a TOP player, it is normal that big clubs want to sign him."

"He appreciates the affection of the fans very much. It was one of the turning points when he thought about his departure, which at the moment isn't happening."

-Iñaki Espizua; source: Radio 4G via Fichajes

This has been the agent's standard response to such rumors — see: Barcelona rejection — and for now, there's little reason to think the player's stance will change; certainly not while Atlético remain challengers both in Spain and in the Champions League.

The agent does specify "today" and "at the moment" and other such qualifiers, but if he didn't, he wouldn't be very good at his job.  Koke had been out with a hamstring injury for the past month, but he's expected to feature in Sunday's Atlético match; just as he's likely to feature for them for the foreseeable future.