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Dynamo Kiev take steps to ensure they receive proper compensation for Andriy Yarmolenko

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Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho showed up in a hoodie to watch Ukraine take on Spain at the start of this week, and ever since then, the Andriy Yarmolenko rumors have exploded.  Thanks, Jose's Jedi mind tricks!

Then again, perhaps there is something behind all the noise.

Vadim Shabliy, Yarmolenko's agent, has been in talks with Everton since the summer, but with Martinez & Co dragging their feet, he seems to be putting out feelers elsewhere, too.  Liverpool, Chelsea, amongst others, have been linked recently.

Meanwhile, Dynamo Kiev have taken the appropriate steps to ensure that they do not lose their player without compensation.  Yarmolenko's contract was set to expire at the end of the season, but on Friday, he signed a new four-year extension.

"I still want that [to test myself in the best foreign leagues]. I know that if Dynamo get really worthy offers we'll find an option that satisfies everyone."

"I want the club to get good compensation for me. I could have left for free in a while, but that would have been wrong."

"I am 100 per cent a Dynamo player. Our team is like my second family. That's why I keep doing my best to benefit the club."

-Andriy Yarmolenko; source: Dynamo Kiev via Goal

He's basically good as gone.

While it still doesn't make much sense for Chelsea to truly get involved in this one, it's something to keep half an eye on anyway as we inch closer to January and possibly much-needed reinforcements.