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Fabregas: ‘Now we know how it feels and we all hate it’

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There's been no shortage of good, positive words from the Chelsea camp over the past couple weeks or so.  Here are a few more!  There have been no games in which to prove or disprove these words of course, but at least our intentions are good.  Don't let us be misunderstood, even if, baby, sometimes we are so carefree.

"It is a very strange situation for Chelsea to be at the wrong end of the table. And, for most of us at the club, it is the first time we have ever been down there."

"Now we know how it feels and we all hate it."

"At Chelsea, we always want to be at the top of the Premier League, fighting to win the Champions League, competing for every trophy. So it's clear this time we are doing things wrong and our performances have not been at the level required at this club. We have to change that, starting this weekend against Aston Villa."

Yes, yes we do.

"We are dealing with our problems on the training ground as a group. We must work harder, plan better and compete better than we have.

"The 25 players, the manager and the coaching staff will work together to sort it. No one else will do us any favours."

No, no they won't.

"It's not how we start the campaign, it's where we finish it. There is still almost 80 per cent of the season to go so we have more than enough time to recover. But we need to start that recovery this weekend."

Fabregas claims he still believes that we can win the league, citing poor results suffered by every single team this season already (unlike Chelsea at the start of last season). I suppose, it's good to have that ambition to help (re)motivate the squad.

"Jose is the best manager in the history of this club and the best manager we can possibly have. There is no one better to turn this around. He always makes the best decisions and I'm sure he will get the best out of us again."

-Cesc Fàbregas; source: The Sun

Perhaps the only person in whom Fabregas seems to have as much confidence as in himself, is Mourinho.  Those two certainly have emerged over the past few weeks as perhaps unlikely bosom buddies, given their shared antagonistic history in both the Premier League and La Liga, but hopefully Cesc is proven right and we can rediscover whatever it was that made this group of players so special last season.

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