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First words: Marco Amelia reveals inside story of his Chelsea transfer

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Chelsea TV

As is usually the case in such situations, to view the full video, you will have to click over to Chelsea's official website, pay the small monthly fee for Fan Plus Plus Club Plus Hassle Plus Now-in-HD Plus Plus* subscription, and watch Marco Amelia's first official interview with Chelsea TV.  Poor Marco doesn't even get the piddly 30 second free preview on YouTube!  Sad.

* Plus Token Comment About Manchester City's Online Media Being Lightyears Ahead Plus Plus Plus

As far as the interview itself, it's mostly your standard professional affair, helped along in that regard by the veteran goalkeeper's wealth of experience not just on the pitch but as a coach and in administrative roles as well.  In recent years, he's become the owner/operator of a sports complex in Rocca Priora and chairman of the Italian third division club AS Lupa Castelli Romani who play there.  The 33-year-old speaks surprisingly good English and is immediately quite likable.  As it turns out, his (Italian-American?) wife and son both speak English, so he's hoping to use his time at Chelsea to practice and become even better at the language as well.

He describes himself as an Angelo Peruzzi-like goalkeeper, both in terms of physicality (Peruzzi, though shorter, was known for being very strong in the box) and in terms of style of playing to feet and communicating with his defense.  He calls Chelsea one of the five best clubs in the world (he doesn't specify who the other four are), and looks forward to working at the best training facilities (lots of pitches!) with the best manager in the world, and the best staff, and the best players.  Etc, etc, etc, we've all heard these before.

But there's one very interesting bit, and that is the fair amount of detail Marco reveals regarding how his transfer to Chelsea went down, which I now shall attempt to transcribe.

"When Courtois had his injury, I sent a message to Mourinho's staff [no specific names mentioned] if they needed a goalkeeper.  Then, Mourinho called me and I spoke with him about my situation.  He said, 'Okay, Marco, come here, train with us, and then we decide your situation.'  I did two or three training [sessions] with the team, before Newcastle, before Porto, and after this, the club called me to sign a contract."

"I'm very happy because my story is very strange.  One year ago I said "Stop!" to football because I want to do a project, I want to build a sporting center in my country.  I want to build a new club in the professional Italian league.  But now, this opportunity [at Chelsea] for me is very important."

-Marco Amelia; source: Chelsea TV

Marco goes on to express his already confident belief that Chelsea can turn the season around, and live up to our billing as the best team in the best league.  He wants to help however he can and stay with the team even when Courtois comes back.  He wants to win (especially in the Champions League) and play well if and when called upon.

Sounds good.  Welcome, Marco!