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Chelsea star progressing nicely, still expects to return in December

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Michael Regan/Getty Images

Chelsea suffered a big blow very early on this season, with starting goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois suffering a serious knee injury which required surgery. While the play of backup keeper Asmir Begovic has been far from one of Chelsea's bigger issues, it would still be awfully nice for the Blues to have Courtois back between the posts.

The injured goalkeeper spent some of the international break speaking about his rehab, and fortunately, everything seems to be progressing nicely. Here's what Thibaut had to say about his rehab:

"In terms of my knee, it is good. I am doing my rehabilitation and it is progressing fine. I will be starting the bulk of the work with my physio to come back as soon as possible. I still have to be careful not to go too quickly but all being well, I should be back in December."

Chelsea have some difficult fixtures between now and December, so hopefully Begovic will remain healthy and continue to impress. get well soon, Thibaut.