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Jose Mourinho personally scouting Yarmolenko, Isco, Thiago Alcantara — reports

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Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

You may have heard and seen, Jose Mourinho went to a football match yesterday.  Stop the presses!  This is very strange behaviour from a football manager, who clearly prefers lightsaber duelscomputer hackingcheating, and sneaking stealthily about instead.  And while was dressed more appropriately for all those other activities, the football media across Europe is convinced he was there to personally scout a few players.

Most agree that the main target was Andriy Yarmolenko.  In case you can't guess by his name, he's a Ukrainian fellow of some regard, recently linked heavily with Liverpool and a bunch more of the usual suspects players tend to get linked with when they're well regarded.  The winger was certainly impressive enough on Monday, and as he's just about to turn 26, the time certainly is right now to finally make his long-awaited big money move out of Ukraine and into some top European team.

That said, I wouldn't discount the possibility of Mourinho being there first and foremost to observe the facilities and key players for Dynamo Kiev ahead of our matchup next week in the Champions League.  I know, I know, ridiculous proposition, right?  The primary job of football managers is to buy players, everyone knows this!

Three Dynamo Kiev players started for Ukraine in addition to Yarmolenko: Artem Kravets up top and Denys Harmash in attacking midfield, while a fourth, Serhiy Rybalka came on early in the second half as a sub.  Plenty of concerning things to observe for the Chelsea manager, including Azpilicueta's struggles against the main man of the rumor-hour.

Other troublemakers, like Marca for example, seem convinced that Yarmolenko isn't the primary object of Mourinho's desires, and instead it's Isco or perhaps Thiago Alcantara.  Or perhaps any of the other players playing yesterday.  Let's just buy them all, shall we?  That's how Darth Mourinho rolls.