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Gary Cahill did not travel with England due to occasional, recurring injury issues

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Clive Rose/Getty Images

Gary Cahill has occasional (i.e. recurring) back problems?  Well, that's certainly news to me.

"Gary Cahill has to some extent occasional back problems. We were a bit concerned with the flight and the artificial pitch, so in a choice of taking him or Smalling, I went with Smalling."

-Roy Hogdson; source: Telegraph

How long has this been going on?  Sure, in a way, almost no player is ever truly 100% for too long, especially as they get older, but Chelsea certainly have not mentioned anything about a back problem.  The club can be a bit secretive when it comes to injuries though.

From personal experience, artificial turf is certainly much harder on the (lower) back than natural surfaces, so it's great that Cahill was excused from England's trip to Lithuania, but the fact that he's got some recurring injury is just another concern to add to this brewing tragedy of a season.  Especially since he's been our most consistent center back so far.

With both Rooney and Cahill missing from the squad, Phil Jagielka will serve as captain as England try to go a perfect 10-for-10 in Euro 2016 qualifying.