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The FA continue to push for Wembley groundshare between Spurs and Chelsea

Make money money make money money money moneyyyy

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A report in yesterday's Daily Mail claims that while Chelsea's preferred option remains renting Wembley all to ourselves for the three seasons we'd need while the new Stamford Bridge Corporate Name Fortress Cathedral gets built, the FA continue to push for the groundshare option.  Why would they do this?  Money, of course.

While there are no exact numbers known yet, all signs point to annual fees north of £10m required to rent Wembley.  The Mail's report is going with £11m, a number which we've seen before.  Of course, if a groundshare can be created for the one or two seasons that Spurs would need to temporarily relocate as well, The FA could expect to bank twice as much money during that time and increase their total potential revenue from £33m to £55m.  No wonder they're pushing for it, as FA chief Martin Glenn first revealed last month.

Apparently the Premier League itself is also putting pressure on the Wembley board to allow at least one of the teams to move into the national stadium for a few years.  No doubt it would be a glamorous option for the league to market, even if the stadium's maximum capacity would have to be reduced to 50,000 to comply with local council rules and restrictions regarding to the number of matches that can be held during any given year.

Given Chelsea's struggles on the pitch, we had somewhat forgotten about the new stadium, but steady progress continues to be made as far negotiations and planning works are concerned, and, surely, it won't be long before all the major details are ironed out.  Work on the rebuild is slated to start this summer already, after all.

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