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Chelsea FC Injury Updates: Good news on Matic, bad news on Ivanovic

Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

All the comedians will no doubt chime in with 'that's not bad news' for Ivanovic, I'm sure.  But injuries are never good, even if you do think this one is minor (10-day prognosis is one guess I've seen) or some sort of blessing in disguise in that it may force Jose Mourinho's hand to play Baba Rahman instead.  Of course, Jose could always do something drastically weird, like play Kurt Zouma or Bertrand Traoré as a left back instead.  So, careful what you wish for...

The Portugal match is tonight and in Ivanovic's absence, the captaincy will fall to Aleksandar Kolarov.

The fact that Matic has stayed hopefully does in fact mean his injury isn't serious.  Though, since this match quite literally has no impact other than on national footballing pride — Portugal have already qualified for Euro 2016, Serbia have already failed to do so — it would probably be smarter if he didn't take part at all.  He's out of form enough as it is, without having to deal with a niggling injury... which is already making him slightly delusional, as this gem from the pre-match press conference attests.

"[Cristiano Ronaldo] not playing is a plus for us, I once played against him and it was a great experience. And we will play without our captain Branislav Ivanovic, so we're here 1:1."

-Nemanja Matic; source: RTV via Google Translate

Branislav Ivanovic, as big of a loss as Cristiano Ronaldo.  Nice one, Nemanja.

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