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Chelsea already have Jose Mourinho's replacement lined up, according to reports

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With most everybody outside of Chelsea sniping at Mourinho from all angles, it's perhaps a bit surprising even that it took this long for rumors like these to start.  Not to worry, here's the Mirror, citing Portuguese sources, whoever they may be, to lead the way.

Chelsea are looking at Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone as a replacement for Jose Mourinho.

According to sources in Portugal, Mourinho is aware that the Blues are putting a succession plan in place if he fails to turn around Chelsea's stuttering season. Simeone is admired for the job he has done at Atletico - but he will come at a huge cost.  The Argentine signed a new five-year contract worth a basic £22.5million in March.  The deal included a £15million buy-out clause that either party can trigger at the end of each season.

-source: Mirror

Simeone certainly seems like one of the more obvious candidates should the Chelsea job once again become vacant, so whoever came up with the rumor at least isn't predicting something as outrageous as succeeding Mourinho with someone who doesn't even have a coaching license.  The only concern perhaps is that El Cholo Simeone is too much like Mourinho.  Financial outlays aside — Mourinho's severance would not be cheap either — replacing something like for like is usually not the best solution when looking to inspire a drastic change of course.

One thing that the Mirror seem to be glossing over completely is that the supposed buy-out clause can apparently only be triggered in the off-season.  Snatching Simeone from Atletico's hands during the season would then most likely be a more complicated and even more expensive proposition.

Not that it matters, because Mourinho's not going anywhere, right?

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