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Chelsea to use Vitesse relationship to keep prized prospect away from Manchester City, Arsenal

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I've never heard the name Thomas Buitink before today, but apparently he's a highly prized prospect over at Chelsea B Vitesse, and unlike most other highly prized prospects there, he doesn't (yet?) belong to Chelsea.

He is 15 years old, plays striker, and has been with Vitesse since 2010.  He has 119 goals in 105 youth matches, from U11 level on up and he's been capped for the Netherlands U15 and U16 squads.  So, by all indications, he's got plenty of talent and plenty of promise.

According to a report in the Netherlands, which has now been picked up and repeated by the likes of the Daily Mail, Buitink's not only training with the first team (or will be soon), he's already got a multitude of scouts following his every move.  With a goalscoring record like that, of course that's hardly surprising.  Manchester City, Manchester United, and Arsenal are all mentioned by name, but surely the team in the driver's seat for Buitink's eventual services would have to be Chelsea.  Given our close relationship with Vitesse — in certain other professional sports, they would be considered our 'farm' team or a 'minor league affiliate' — if Buitink continues to impress, and we want to bring him into the fold, one would have to image we have some sort of preferred choice or bid-matching option.

So sorry, other teams.