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Napoli, Chelsea to define Nathaniel Chalobah's loan future

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Pete Norton/Getty Images

The ever-growing loan brigade from Chelsea has seen a number of different places and also experimented with varied success this season. Moves like Lewis Baker, Nathan and Dominic Solanke to Vitesse have been a success so far but others which were questionable from the beginning such as Nathaniel Chalobah to Napoli have been on the opposite spectrum, being nothing but a failure for all parties involved. And for the latter, we might see a definition soon as Napoli might send Chalobah back to Chelsea earlier than expected, claims the Italian website Tutto Mercato Web.

According to the report, Chelsea have been less than thrilled with Nathaniel Chalobah's lack of time on the pitch, in Maurizio Sarri's line-ups at Napoli. Having only seen five minutes on the field this season from a late-game substitution in Napoli's game against Legia Warszawa in the Europa League, Chalobah will trigger a meeting between both clubs so they can define whether he stays in Italy until the end of the season or returns to England in the beginning of next year.

While the Italian Serie A isn't as difficult as the English Premier League, it was expected that Chalobah would have a difficult time finding minutes in a club that have been fighting for the league's top four in recent years. Unfortunately it seems that Emenalo and co. really miss on loan destinations for prospects at times, and Chalobah is one of Chelsea's prospects who have been suffering the most with those errors from the management.