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Thibaut Courtois reveals knee injury frustrations, recovery timeline

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Thibaut Courtois hasn't had too many things go wrong in his football career so far.  Already one of the world's very best, rising up through the ranks from Genk to Atletico to Chelsea, he's already won three league titles and even more cup trophies.  All before the age of 23.  The meniscus tear he suffered at the start of this season is the first major injury of his career, the first time there's been a deviation from the master plan.

"It is not easy, no, to see all that, and not be part of the team at the moment, and being unable to help."

"Tuesday, in the Champions League, they lost, playing a good game. [But] we will progress. And Saturday, we have to win at home. There is pressure, and I hope we will win. After that, there is the international break, and then I hope Chelsea win a series of matches."

"We have tough matches, but we must do better than now."

-Thibaut Courtois; source: RTBF via Inside Futbol

Frustrations aside, the recovery from surgery seems to be going well.  He's even shared a couple cheerful photos of his rehab on Instagram in the last few days.  Still, it's a long road back, set to take at least two more months.

"Hopefully early December. If there are complications, I will work quietly to return."

"For now, I cannot give a date."

-Thibaut Courtois; source: RTBF via Inside Futbol

Until then, we'll be relying almost exclusively on Asmir Begovic, who, fortunately, has looked good enough for the job.  He's expected to have a new training partner soon (rather than just two youngsters), with veteran Marco Amelia set to sign.

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