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Even Chelsea's sponsors are paying close attention to Jose Mourinho's words

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Found this story somewhat interesting and a bit funny as well, though I'm sure for the people involved it's anything but.

As you may know, Chelsea have dozens of sponsors, partners, preferred suppliers, etc, just as all (big) teams in the world of football do.  We have a preferred airline, a preferred bank, a preferred beer, a preferred you-name-it.  For the last couple years, we've also had an official watch sponsor, famous Swiss-British brand Rotary Watches.  Rotary signed a four-year deal with the club in the summer of 2013, and in the time since, collaborated on several special edition watches, which carry the Chelsea colors and the Chelsea badge.

That deal was terminated this summer, halfway through the contract.  Chelsea then signed on with Hublot, very much new money in the watch-making industry.  Fitting!  They play the sponsorship game quite well, too, having deals with several of the biggest clubs in football, in Formula 1, and in other popular sports, too.  But why did Chelsea switch?  It's all thanks to one man, Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho loves watches and has been a personal brand ambassador for Hublot since February 2014.  You may remember the event at which he signed this deal, it was the one where he made the "joke" about Eto'o's age (and commented about Falcao's need to play in a big team, which looks quite prophetic in retrospect).  Off to a stunning start, that sponsorship agreement!

Needless to say, Rotary were none too happy with this development and the increasing exposure that Hublot was receiving at Chelsea via Mourinho's public appearances and press conferences, even though they weren't the actual official partners.  And so ended the agreement.

"Last year our watch partner was Rotary. But next time you watch an interview with José, you will notice that he will sit like that [with his wrist facing the camera], wearing his Hublot. Now our global watch partner is Hublot. José has his own deal. He is the number one. We do what he wants."

-Adrian New, Chelsea Asia marketing director; source: mUmbrella

And apparently watches aren't the only things that we've had to change since Mourinho's come back.  This is what happened after Mourinho compared Manchester City's title challenge, favorably, to a Jaguar.  (Though not right away; probably more of a cumulative effect that caused the contract not to be renewed.)

"Our car sponsor was Audi. And guess what, we don't have Audi this year."

-Adrian New, Chelsea Asia marketing director; source: mUmbrella

I'm sure Mourinho won't mind, considering he has his own special Jag, too.  (Though he's still banned from driving for a few more months.)

Strange world, this corporate sponsorship game of thrones and moneybags.  Oh, and if you want your very own "King Power Special One" Hublot watch, you can probably get one for the rock bottom price of around $24,000.  Chump change, really.

P.S.: Rotary have put their last remaining Chelsea watches on clearance. Cheap(er), if you want one, like I did.