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Bordeaux manager says Chalobah loan imminent

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

More Chelsea loan news for you, and this one's actually interesting. We've been hearing rumours that Bordeaux have interest in Nathaniel Chalobah for a little while, and now it seems like we'll have confirmation from both clubs very soon. Indeed, Bordeaux manager Willie Sagnol has already been talking about him:

That basically says that the manager has said that Arsenal striker Yaya Sanogo will not be coming in but that he expects Nathaniel Chalobah to be with the team shortly, which is pretty much as good as it'll get before we see statements on club websites.

So. Ligue 1. It's certainly a step down from a Premier League loan, but since Chalobah didn't get any playing time at Burnley it's a great opportunity for him to reestablish himself as a potential star in midfield. He's been a bit wasted since the Watford loan a couple of seasons ago, and France (I know nothing about the composition of Bordeaux's team) seems like a good balance between his chances of playing and a high level of competition.

I guess now we wait for this to be official.

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