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Young Blues striker trains with Cardiff

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Islam Feruz has had a strange time of things so far this season. He randomly turned up at a second-division Russian club over the summer only to quit within a few days and surface in Crete in what was perhaps the weirdest loan sequence Chelsea have yet devised for a prospect, and apparently his travels aren't done quite yet: the striker is (according to the BBC) training with Cardiff City in view towards a move.

I think we can safely assume that any such move would be a loan deal -- Feruz, 19 and unproven, doesn't seem like the sort that a Championship side would be interested in giving us money for -- but to be honest I haven't caught many OFI Crete games so I have no idea how ready the forward would be for such a move. I suppose the relative lack of exposure this season is why he's training with the Bluebirds now: they won't have much of a clue what he's been up to either.

Hopefully he impresses enough that they want to take him on and continue his football education. As Patrick Bamford and Kenneth Omeruo are showing, the Championship's a fine place to hone your talent at that age.

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