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Pochettino bemoans Spursday night congestion ahead of the League Cup final

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

When Chelsea face Tottenham in the Capital One Cup final, they'll be doing so on a full eight days of rest. Tottenham, on the other hand, will be playing in Italy just three days before, because the Europa League is a silly competition and still has 32 teams in the field.

Spurs' manager Mauricio Pochettino isn't pleased by this state of affairs, as evidenced by the following:

"It is not fair to play a final on the Sunday after you play in another ‘final’ in Florence on the Thursday. Chelsea play Burnley on the Saturday and then they have a clean week to prepare for the final."

"It is not fair but then we have to understand this is the competition. We are in the Europa League, the Capital One final and the Premier League."

Here's the thing, manage Spurs. Spurs play on Thursdays. That's the natural order of the universe. Did you know that Spurs fans only become Spurs fans in one of three ways?

  1. They were born on a Thursday, and are thus inclined to love all things associated with Thursdays. What could ever be more Thursday than Spurs?
  2. They work a job that gives them Thursdays off. If you're working Tuesdays and Wednesdays and never get to see clubs like Chelsea playing Champions League football, watching Spurs on Thursdays must seem like the greatest thing ever. Well, except for the whole Spurs thing, which brings me to number three.
  3. They're masochists.

Don't take the enjoyment of Spursday nights away from Tottenham fans, Mauricio, they'd never forgive you for doing so. Harry Redknapp already tried the Tuesday/Wednesday thing, and you see where that got him. Just make sure to thank Jose when you see him for taking Fiorentina's best player off of their hands, it was very kind of him to do so.

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