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Cuadrado deal agreed, player due in London for medical, according to reports

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Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

Rports in Italy are suggesting that Chelsea have reached an agreement with Fiorentina over Colombian Juan Cuadrado. The player will now be due in London for a medical, with no mention of whether or not Tottenham Hotspur were kind enough to pay for his flight and lodging ahead of the move:

The latest rumors making the rounds suggest that Mohamed Salah might be joining Fiorentina on loan as part of the package, meaning that the sale of Andre Schurrle to a mystery suitor might not happen after all. Chelsea are in good enough shape financially that they never needed to do so for FFP purposes anyway, though keeping Schurrle happy could be a real issue at some point.

Regardless, it will be a very interesting last few days of the January transfer window.