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Chelsea vs. Liverpool, League Cup: Second half thread

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Absolutely frenetic play, pace, and atmosphere from the word go.  Yet here we stand goalless, scoreless.  But not incidentless.

Thibaut Courtois has been called into action twice, saving brilliantly from Moreno and then from Coutinho when it looked easier to score than to not.  Sterling got loose once as well when Zouma misjudged a header, but he recovered excellently and eventually cleared in combination with a despairing Terry.  The Chelsea midfield and defense haven't been their best, but we're surviving.

At the other end, Eden Hazard's gotten his twinkletoes wet a few times, resulting in a couple half chances and a yellow card for Jordan Henderson,.  We probably need more.  Diego Costa's been active, while Willian and Oscar are doing their thing.  Lucas inadvertently blocked a shot with his hand, while Skrtel fouled Costa in the area.  At least one of those should've been a penalty.  Oscar came close with a free kick, though Mignolet had probably had it covered.

Meanwhile, Michael "best referee in England" Oliver is in the middle of a special kind of trainwreck refereeing performance.

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