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Serbian youngster now denies signing 'anything with Chelsea'

EuroFootball/Getty Images

If there is such a thing as a non-complicated, straightforward, no-BS football transfer, I have yet to see it.  Case in point, here's Danilo Pantić who seemed to have agreed to sign with Chelsea last week, and spoke of his excitement even at the prospect of getting loaned out to Vitesse, but now claims that he hasn't actually signed anything with anybody.

"It's true I've been talk of the town lately but I know I didn't sign anything with Chelsea. They showed interest but no concrete deal was struck. I'm still Partizan player with five more months of contract, focused on preps. Early part of winter training is extremely fierce and you need a clear head to go through it."

-Danilo Pantic; source: FC Partizan Belgrade

Granted, there was nothing actually confirmed last week, and this sounds more like fan service and damage control PR than actual denial of a deal eventually happening, but it sure feels contrary to the progress reported previously.  Is Pantic holding out for more money?  Has he soured on the loan idea?  Does he have other offers?  Maybe he wants to sign with superpowers Bradford City instead?

Stay tuned.

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