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Watch video highlights of Chelsea 2-4 Bradford City, if you dare

Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that we didn't get to witness this debacle live.

Watching a match replay, should you be brave, bored, or masochistic enough to indulge in one, while knowing the score already should be a much more pleasant experience. To be clear, it will be nowhere near a pleasant experience, yet probably still far more pleasant than it ever would've been to watch Chelsea squander a 2-0 lead and concede four in a row play out minute by minute in live time. Curse that most dangerous of all leads, especially at home to a side two divisions below us!

It might be tempting to assign blame or look for deeper meaning in this result. It might even be worthwhile. But certainly nothing of that sort should be done based on just these highlights. Still, at least there's a quality Čech save, a really nice Gary Cahill flick, and a wonderful one-two pass between Ramires and Mohamed Salah. And then four Bradford goals because magic.

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