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Andre Schurrle and Mohamed Salah could move, according to Jose Mourinho

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

There has been quite a bit of speculation this week about the potential departures of Andre Schurrle and Mohamed Salah, both of whom sound like they're set to be in the squad for Saturday's match against Bradford City. Durig Jose Mourinho's pre-match press conference on Friday, he reiterated that Chelsea are not looking to move anyone from the current first team group:

'Our desire is to keep the same squad, which reflects that we are happy with the players, that we are happy with the work we did in the summer to prepare the season, reflects the trust we have in the group and if possible we don't want to be involved in the transfer window.'

'If we have to be it's because somebody pushed us, with some offer for our player, but Chelsea moving and looking for a change? No.'

Mourinho's stance several weeks ago was that there would be no moves made in January, and he has continually reminded us that Chelsea would need to replace any departing players because of the size of the squad. Today, his stance seems to have softened a little, making me think a few moves might be likely in the coming days.

So much for a boring January transfer window...

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