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The Daily Hilario: Shiny new boots; exploding kittens

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Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

Darrian Traynor/Getty Images


I'm a sucker for a good ad, and this new one from adidas joins the Beats by Dre ad form the World Cup and the BT Sport ones from the summer as the best in recent memory.   Perfect music, plenty of self-awareness, lots of humor, energy, and wonderful visuals -- it's got it all.  The zoom out sequence with the Bale celebration is priceless.

The music's called on 'Battle Royale (Haters Instrumental VIP)' by Apashe and is available on both Google Play and iTunes.  Into the mix it goes.

For a stark comparison, here's how NOT to do an ad.  The latest from PUMA, starring Balotelli, Fabregas, and Henry.  Yikes.


Setting Kickstarter on fire.  The Oatmeal + UNO = WIN!

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
15.30:  Friendly:  Manchester City vs. HSV
16.00:  ACN, Group A, 4th vs. 3rd:  Burkina Faso vs. Equatorial Guinea
17.00:  Coppa Italia, Round of 16:  Fiorentina vs. Atalanta
19.00:  ACN, Group A, 2nd vs. 1st:  Congo vs. Gabon
19.00:  Copa del Rey, quarterfinal, first leg:  Villareal vs. Getafe
19.45:  Capital One Cup, semifinal, first leg:  Tottenham Hotspur vs. Sheffield United
20.00:  Coppa Italia, Round of 16:  Internazionale vs. Sampdoria
20.00:  Coupe de France, Round of 32:  PSG vs. Bordeaux
21.00:  Copa del Rey, quarterfinal, first leg:  Málaga vs. Athletic Bilbao
21.00:  Copa del Rey, quarterfinal, first leg:  Barcelona vs. Atlético Madrid