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The Markovic-Chelsea saga has a weird little epilogue

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

You knew that the Lazar Markovic to Chelsea saga was going to have an epilogue, didn't you? Happily, it's not (yet) involved the young forward actually scoring against the Blues, but our refusal to pick him up this summer when we had a cheap option to grab him from Benfica has come up once more. Take it away, Daily Mirror:

I will not play to prove a point. No, I will play like every other match and I don’t have to prove or show anything to him. He said I’m not good enough? That’s Mourinho’s opinion.

Sometimes I'd really like to see the question put to a player before the quotes we usually get, because I've either missed a "Jose Mourinho: Markovic not good enough for Chelsea" headline somewhere or a journalist has said something like "So Jose thinks you're not good enough for Chelsea" in an attempt to get ... well, the post they got. I'm guessing it's probably something like the latter.

At any rate, I don't really mind the press winding up players for us. It's just a bit rich that Chelsea choosing not to buy Markovic last summer is now being twisted into "He said I’m not good enough?".

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