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Terry: 'We’ll kick on and wipe the Tottenham game away'

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Michael Regan/Getty Images

John Terry hasn't really had to do much crisis-mode captaining this season, what with every month until December basically being a cavalcade of joy, but yesterday's debacle at White Hart Lane means that he needs to lift everyone's spirits.

As I said in the dressing room, it’s important we remain together. We are top of the League and we are there for a reason because we are playing some great stuff and we’ve seen us outplay a lot of sides this year. We’ll kick on and wipe the Tottenham game away.

Source: Telegraph.

It's fair enough. After all, this is the first real meltdown we've had all season and we made it all the way into 2015 before it happened. Real Madrid, widely considered the best team in Europe, barely made it a month before they randomly imploded themselves, and good teams simply have to learn their lessons and move on.

So it is with fans. Yesterday was a nightmare, but we'll bounce back.

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