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No fake noise or cheerleaders at Stamford Bridge, says Buck

Was someone asking for them?

Michael Regan/Getty Images

While Chelsea prepare for a trip to Liverpool, Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck was talking at an event hosted by the Wall Street Journal about 'the global future of sports business'. The subject of the sometimes-quiet home crowd came out , and Buck responded with a ... really weird answer?

Our manager, for some reason, decided a few months ago to say that the fans were quiet at moments. One of the problems is it’s very difficult to get tickets when the stadium is sold out every week. It’s difficult to get young people to visit because it’s hard to buy tickets.

Every club is looking to improve the matchday experience, but we can’t have recorded fan noise — our fans just wouldn’t accept that. We don’t have cheerleaders; we have to do what’s right for our home environment. You have to understand your market place.

Source: Standard.

Bruce Buck has also confirmed we're not looking for a left-handed power bat and that at no point in our future will we be attempting to make a run at the Superbowl. I get that Buck was speaking to a US paper, but there's no reason for him to be telling us that we won't have recorded chants or cheerleaders. WE KNOW ALREADY. It's almost as though he was following a script for the first paragraph and then went into ramble-improv mode for the second, a situation which anyone who's ever had a job interview will sympathise with.

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