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Mourinho 'doesn't like' Gerrard slip song

Ben Radford/Getty Images

Chelsea are already getting ready for our first semifinal of the season. It's been two years since we made it this far in the Capital One Cup, and our reward for a fairly straightforward (so far) run is a home and away tie against Liverpool, whom we appear to have broken pretty well following last season's trip to Anfield.

And that means we're going to talk about good ol' Captain Slippy, who has a surprising defender: Jose Mourinho.

The song that my fans have I don't like at all. A couple of times it is good fun but to go and go and go, especially with a player like him who deserves respect, I don't think you don't need that. We have so many other songs, you don't need that one.

I love this quote when he was saying in his life he would never score a goal against Liverpool. I love these words.

-Source: BBC.

That second line has been included for (I hope) obvious reasons!

Anyway, there are probably two reasons for Mourinho to say something like this. First of all is the naive interpretation: he likes Steven Gerrard and feels bad for him. Second is the cynical one, which is to say he's trying to goad the Chelsea support into singing it more loudly, drawing Gerrard into an emotional response and letting us watch in amusement as he peppers the crowd with sliced 35-yard shots.

Either way I'd hope it's louder than ever in Liverpool. Obligatory video:

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