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Swansea apologize to their fans and Chelsea for Saturday's 'horrible performance'

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It's not often you hear about one manager apologizing to the other after a professional, Premier League football match -- they're far more likely to either needle each other or run out the usual lines about respect, etc. -- but apparently that's just what Swansea City manager Garry Monk did after his side were thrashed 5-0 by Chelsea on Saturday.

"It was a horrible performance, one way off the standards we've been at especially at home. It is very difficult to make the mistakes we did continuously in any game. Then you couple it with fact we are up against Chelsea with the type of players they have it magnifies it more."

"We had to be perfect and we were far from it with too many mistakes and failing to do everything we had worked on and when you do that against Chelsea you will get punished.  It was our worst performance of the season and it's hard to explain a day like this. We're all hurting."

"I said sorry to Jose we couldn't give him a game and I can only apologise to the fans because it's my responsibility."

-Garry Monk; source: Wales Online

You almost feel sorry for the man.  Almost.

But considering that just a couple games we also managed to somehow ship five goals to Spurs (the most Chelsea have ever conceded under Mourinho) and now we've balanced that out with five scored and none conceded (the biggest win Chelsea have ever scored away from home in the Premier League under Mourinho), that's a very, very, very impossibly small "almost."  Sorry!

To sum it up, apology schmapology; be better!  Especially when you play Manchester City again towards the end of the season.

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