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Mourinho: Thorgan Hazard 'has the potential to play for Chelsea one day'

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

Thorgan Hazard may be highly coveted over in Germany by his current employers-by-loan Borrusia Mönchengladbach, but one gets the feeling that Chelsea and Jose Mourinho may not let him go all that easily either.  Here's the Chelsea manager talking about Eden Hazard's younger brother.

"He's a good player. A player we like. He's one of the few players that I travel to see play live.  We like him very, very much but there is here one player ahead of him who is not bad called Hazard. Eden.

The best decision was for him to go to Gladbach. Also Bundesliga is good for him to play. We'll see what happens.  They [Eden and Thorgan] can be in the same squad and even play in the same team, one in one side and one in the other. We have Eden, Schurrle, Oscar and Willian, we have a lot, so it is better for him to play.

What is going to be his future? Is he staying? Is he coming back? Does Borussia want to buy? Do we want to sell to make money for financial co-operations? This is something we have to see step by step.

If we don't need [to sell] I don't want to. He is one of the players we have on loan that has the potential to play for Chelsea one day."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Get West London

That last bit, the need to sell bit, is the tricky bit of course.  Chelsea hardly ever need to sell anybody, at least not in the immediate financial need sense.  Perhaps you could argue that we needed to sell Juan Mata and David Luiz to finance, in-part, incoming purchases, but both of them were also subject to offers that were simply too good to refuse.

For us, the need to sell crops up more often in the form of player unhappiness.  Juan Mata, Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku, to name recent examples, all wanted roles bigger than they were getting and the club didn't stand in their way.  We made sure to get decent money in return of course, but we didn't hold on to them against their will.

So as we ponder along with Mourinho about Thorgan Hazard's future, we'll have to see just how much his personal needs conflict with ours.  Mourinho doesn't want to sell him, but does Thorgan want to stay a loanee?  Decisions, decisions...

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