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Mourinho claims that 'different rules' apply to Manchester City after Bony signing

Scott Heavey/Getty Images

If you haven't been paying attention to Manchester City's dealings in the transfer market, you're a) a more confident Chelsea fan than me and b) unaware that they've signed Wilfried Bony from Swansea. For a cool £25 million, no less. With their forward line decimated by injury and not particularly prone to long periods of health at the best of times, City were looking for a more stable backup at striker than 'use James Milner for some reason', and Bony is it.

Jose Mourinho, meanwhile, seems less than amused:

Good striker. If they have the money and no problems with FFP, well done. Rules are different for City.

Source: Mail.

Yes, Mourinho's cranky, but he also has a point. City were supposed to have been hit with a transfer sanction for this year, but that's obviously not really in force and they can more or less do what they like at this point (although UEFA is re-investigating them for their relationship their feeder clubs in the USA and Australia). Chelsea, meanwhile, don't look like they're getting any better.

I don't think Bony is a very wise buy in the long run, but in the short his presence means that even if Sergio Aguero breaks again, City are very strong up front. And that's not great news for us in the title race.

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