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Chelsea's deal with Turkish Airlines might not go through after all

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

According to the Mail, which is a phrase you'd better get used to as we head into the final weeks of January, Chelsea's supposed deal with Turkish Airlines to make them our next shirt sponsor might just be about to fall apart. The paper is citing the high price tag attached to plastering their logo all over our kit as a reason that Turkish Air might want to pull out of the deal -- at £25 million per season, the Blues are looking for a huge increase over what we currently get from Samsung, and if we actually get it it would put us second behind Manchester United, who've managed to rip off Chevrolet to the tune of £50 million a year.

Frankly I'm not entirely sure Turkish Airlines would quibble over the £25 million. While it's a lot in real terms, football sponsorships are steadily increasing and it's about right to sponsor a club of Chelsea's stature, so if they're serious about a deal they'll know that it'll cost them a lot of money. But there have been whisperings about this deal not being as done as it sounded for a while, so who knows what's coming next.

From my perspective the more companies trying to get on our shirt, the better off the club is. Although I'd like the logo not to look terrible cough United cough cough cough.

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