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Blackpool next in line as possible Islam Feruz loan destination

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Next stop on the Islam Feruz worldwide loan tour of 2013-14 is, apparently, tiny little orange slice of heaven Blackpool.  Once a bustling center of coastal tourism, Blackpool's prospects have been steadily fading over the last half century.  A bit like Islam Feruz's prospects then, no?


So, after a cup of very sour coffee in Russia, months of daydreams of a once promising future on the bench in Crete, a week of unsuccessful trials in Cardiff, young Feruz is off to try to impress at ridiculously bad Football Championship side Blackpool FC.  They have a grand total of three (3!) wins on the season.  That's less than even Millwall, and we saw just how bad they were on Wednesday when they got thumped by third tier Bradford City.  Well, I didn't actually see it, but come on, 4-0 and a fistfight?  Sounds like Millwall.

While it may seem like Feruz's career has gone off the rails and into the ditch, where it was forgotten, left to rust and then recycled for scrap metal, the boy's still just 19 and he's undoubtedly got some footballing talent in there somewhere.  Let's hope he can find it again wherever he lands next.

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