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Mourinho will have to answer to the Premier League about his media blackout

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Jose Mourinho's certainly making new friends left and right.  After ruffling the feathers of the Football Association, referees, and of course opposition managers, he's now in danger of being put on the Premier League's naughty list as well.  Gotta catch 'em all!

Following speculation from the weekend, the Telegraph now understands that the Premier League will seek a written explanation from the Chelsea manager about his personal media blackout, which is contrary to league rules that expect and require club managers to speak to the media both before and after any given game.  There's no word yet on whether Mourinho's putting together yet another snazzy Powerpoint presentation to support his position.

Each Manager shall when requested to do so attend in person and participate in the interviews, press conferences and other activity required of Managers pursuant to Section K of these Rules and failure to do so without just cause shall be a breach of these Rules. Such interviews shall not be arranged in such a manner as to interfere with the Manager's primary matchday responsibilities as regards team matters.

With potential punishments ranging from warnings to fines, at least the Premier League isn't bothering with the whole "independent" panel dog and pony show, and final decision will rest with CEO Richard Scudamore and chairman Peter McCormick.  It's unclear what the timeframe on all this may be, but with the FA expected to take at least a week with their next move and Jose vowing not to speak until all those charge are cleared, the Premier League probably won't have to be in much of a hurry anyway.

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