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Above all else, Thorgan Hazard is seeking stability, not a series of loans

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Joachim Sielski/Getty Images

We've known for some time that Borussia Mönchengladbach are all about their young Chelsea loanee Thorgan Hazard (and lately have even started to trust him with regular first-team starts in the Bundesliga), but this is the first time, at least as far as I can recall, that we've heard the player himself chime in on the situation.  It comes from an interview with Belgian publication HLN, and there's a free preview of it on their website.  Fortunately Google Translate isn't our only option here as Great Twitter Follow of the Blog Kristof Terreur did post a few tweets about this.

Interestingly, in the second-hand reporting of these words, I've seen them interpreted both as the death knell of Hazard's Chelsea career and as the promise of a future Chelsea career.  Since he's looking for stability above all else, both interpretations are probably valid.  He does elaborate in a non-tweeted line that while there are negotiations going on (of whatever sort), he's not aware of any facts behind the previous rumors of an €8m bid from Gladbach for his services.  So perhaps the negotiations are for a second year on loan?

Giving further slight hope of an eventual Chelsea career for Hazard mk.II are the still mention-worthy desires to play on the same team as his older brother, though he astutely points out that such designs are also quite achievable within the confines of the Belgium national football team as well.  Or at some point later in their careers.  You certainly don't get the feeling that it would play a large role in deciding his next move.

With the rate of rumors surrounding Thorgan Hazard's future slowly picking up over the last month or two, regardless of whether he decides to continue his loan next season, leave permanently (now or in the summer), or aim for the Chelsea first-team next season, I'd guess we'll have some sort of clarity by the end of this winter transfer window.

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