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Paul Pogba to leave Juventus 'when the time is right'

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So ... Saturday night, when the feeling's right?

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Ludicrously talented Paul Pogba has been the subject of many a transfer rumor over the past couple years, a good percentage of which included Chelsea as well.  We here at WAGNH certainly have gotten ourselves into quite a tizzy over him before as well.  This shouldn't surprise you; few 21-year-olds display as much footballing goodness on a regular basis as he does, and he's still got some more potential to fulfill!

While the new contract extension that Pogba signed after much negotiation with the Italian champions in October staved off the transfer talk for a few months, the Serie A (including even Juventus) are hardly a destination nowadays.  Young stars are expected to move on to bigger, better things.  Pogba's agent Mino Raiola knows this, the club probably know this (while they talk him up as a future Ballon d'Or winner), and all of Pogba's potential suitors know this.

"He can not stay still so much in Italy. It will depend from Juventus. We have renewed and we are happy, but when the time comes right we'll take that chance."

"We will see, I do not know when the right time comes."

-Mino Raiola; source: Mediaset via FourFourTwo

Hardly definitive -- though not nearly as cliched as Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo talking about how you never know what's going to happen next in football -- but certainly intriguing.  Timing is everything.

So when is the right time?  I'd say ... RIGHT NOW GO GO GO GO.

Ok, fine.  Wait for the summer.